AROLLO Stories – Alena Episode 4/10

Episode 4/10

AROLLO Stories – Alena Episode 4/10 – Here the Link to Episode 3/10

I think about when the fireplace was lit for the last time? For Christmas, when the kids were here? Sad, somehow.
I stare in the flames. Alena insisted, to have a fireplace in the apartment, just like in her parent’s house. Therefore, we got one built in here.
It’s dark outside for a long time already. Alena lies in my arms and breathes quietly. I think, she is asleep now. I finish the rest of the red wine and put the glass down carefully.
I hear the sparks in the fireplace. When was the last time there were any sparks between Alena and me? Her features are as familiar to me as my own, the ones I see in the mirror every day. I know, I love her with all my heart. She is the mother of my children. My soulmate. My one and only. And still there is that x-factor missing, which we had years ago. Do we just live next to each other nowadays? I wouldn’t have noticed. I knew of course, that she was in a bad mood lately but I would have never thought, that she is feeling so bad actually.
I’m scared for Alena.

The mobile phone vibrates in the inside pocket of my jacket, which I just threw on the dinner table carelessly. Probably Harold or another one of my manager colleagues wants to know what is happening. I wouldn’t be able to give them an answer. When I arrived here, the staircase was full of people. A doctor just wanted to get Alena taken away by the paramedics, but I took over responsibility for her. A police officer told me, that one of our neighbours spotted her by coincidence, when she wanted to jump off the rooftop terrace. I couldn’t believe it, but I also didn’t ask Alena about it. We hugged without saying a word, we cooked without saying a word, we ate without saying a word and we made love without saying a word. Then we held each other without saying a word and that’s where we are now.
I’m so happy nothing happened to her.
At the same time, I feel the danger. The uncertainty, which hangs above everything. What is going to happen with Alena? And what can I do to help her? She is unhappy, I know that for sure now. And if I’m being honest – if I take away the hustle-and-bustle part of my job and the privileges that come along with it, and just look at our relationship -, I feel the same way.

I’m so happy about everything Frank did for me. Or, even better: What he didn’t do. I am lying here in his arms, pretending to be asleep and I know, he’s looking at me. Just like in the past. But I know too, that it doesn’t have a future like that. The drama from today was a one-off, which turned out all right. But neither the drama nor the worries are a permanent situation. And especially not a cure. We are missing something, I can feel that clearly.
I just don’t know what.

AROLLO Stories – ALENA Episode 5 will be released next Thursday, October 24th at 8 pm


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