AROLLO Overknee Boots – The opinion of our customers


At the beginning of January this year, we invited all our customers to a survey about our products. In the survey, our customers were asked five questions:

What was the main reason to decide to buy a product from AROLLO?
What is the main difference between AROLLO and other Overknee Boots suppliers?
What do you like most about AROLLO and what dot you like not so much?
Would you recommend AROLLO to your friends and why?
How did you find out about AROLLO?

We were surprised by the above-average number of submissions. Even more, however, surprised us the evaluation of all submitted polls.

For the first questions, more than 80% of our customers gave the high quality in combination with the fair price as the reason for choosing AROLLO boots.

The second question was similar. In addition, the very good customer service was highlighted here. Our customers already have experience with us. So we are particularly pleased about this positive rating.

With question three the selection was rated especially positively. However, several customers wanted AROLLO to offer boots in other colors as well. We have already responded to that. So this summer we will be offering two models in white and red.

On question four over 95% answered yes. Which makes us especially proud and confirms that we are on the right track.

The analysis of the answers to question five was particularly exciting. Many customers remained very general, and gave the “Internet” as the source where they discovered AROLLO. Maybe we should have formulated the question in more detail. Nevertheless, it was easy to see that the sources are widely scattered. Partly recommendations from friends or acquaintances. Of course, the classic Internet research. Several customers stated that they first discovered AROLLO on Ebay or Amazon. After the first order via one of these two platforms, they became true AROLLO Online Shop customers, which gives us a lot of pleasure.

We would like to sincerely thank all participants. You have brought us a good step further with your answers and ensure that AROLLO is getting better and better.


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