AROLLO Overknee Boots – Made for day and night

AROLLO Overknee Boots are the ideal footwear for the day and for the night.

When developing our boot creations, we made sure from the start that we design Overknee Boots that can be worn on any occasion.
In recent years, you can see more and more women, who used their beloved Overknees in everyday life. Whether for shopping or in the office, properly combined Overknees are suitable for all occasions.

During the day it is important to combine this erotic footwear with the rest of the outfit right. Incorrectly combined, the wearer of Overknee boots can quickly look cheap. Quickly you see yourself in the wrong light. This should be avoided at all costs. Basically, applies to everyday life: Less is more! Low heels instead of High Heels, leather instead of PU or latex. Black or brown instead red or other bright colors. Hold you back from the outerwear. Do not show too much skin, because the Overknee Boots are erotic enough. Even for Make Up, less is more. Who adheres to these principles is very feminine, elegant, stylish, erotic and perceived as desirable.

Of course, different standards and principles apply for the night, depending on the event. If you waltz off at the disco, you can present the Overknee Boots more liberal . Mini skirt and a crop top? Why not! High Heel Overknee Boots? Absolute! Skinny white or blue jeans and black Overknees – it’s hardly erotic. If you visit an Erotic fair or BDSM fair you can not do without appropriate lingerie. A catsuit is a great way to combine Thigh High Boots and High Heels. The men’s world will stand upside down and give you admiring glances.

At AROLLO there are Overknees and Thigh High boots for every occasion. Now simply browse and discover your favorite boots for your personal event among the most diverse styles.

AROLLO Overknee Boots – Made for day and night:



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