2022 Year Review

2022 year review

2022 Year Review form Arollo´s perspective.

If we thought 2021, with the all-defining Corona pandemic and its consequences, was bad, 2022 taught us otherwise. It can always be worse. The February 24th 2022 was the day war returns to Europe. With all its economic effects and immeasurable human suffering, war is always the worst way to resolve a conflict. In fact, no one emerges as a winner in a war. Except those who used the war and the suffering of the people for their economic advantage. And there are, unfortunately, in every war.

Along with the start of the war, energy prices in Europe, and in other parts of the world, rose 10-fold in some cases.In this maelstrom, the prices of all economic goods that cover the usual life increased enormously. Whether gasoline, food, gas or heating oil, everything became so expensive that some simply can no longer pay these increased prices. Many countries, such as Austria and Germany, are helping their citizens with aid packages and tax relief. Combined with the zero-Covid policy in China, this once again led to disruptions in the supply chain.

Impacts for Arollo

We from Arollo also felt the effects of the war throughout the year. We are also struggling with increased prices in all areas. But Arollo wouldn’t be Arollo if we didn’t stand up to it. In order to give our customers, and especially our regular customers, a little confidence in these hard times, we have decided not to increase prices throughout 2022. In the course of January 2023, however, we will also have to recalculate our sales prices. Another impact was, and still is, the difficulty of planning ahead. Not knowing how the next 12 months will develop economically makes forward planning incredibly difficult and risky. But we have found a good way to secure the most important two things: The top sellers will also be in stock in 2023 in sufficiently large numbers. Likewise, in 2023 we will again bring new boot models on the market. 

Arollo Highlights – 2022 year review

The AROLLO Photo Challenge has almost become a tradition. Also this year we organized this event, but with changed participation conditions. For the first time we also invited boot lovers to send us pictures, even if they don’t show boots from Arollo. At the beginn of June 2022 we has been lucky to present the winner of the raffled Thigh High Boots Kim.

Also in May, we were main Sponsor for the Femdom Gala witch was held in Athens. This 3 day event was hosted by Mistress Alexandra. Dominas und Subs from all over the world joined the Femdome Gala in Athen. All three days, Arollo was part of the game. We provided the grand prize, a pair of Arollo Chap Boots, for the raffle. Mistress Alexandra, as the organizer, wore the AROLLO Thigh High boots ANNA2 special edition provided by us on one day. Each dominatrix who participated in the event also received an Arollo voucher.

As always in September, we published the new AROLLO Boots Calendar 2023. It was the most successful edition in Arollo´s History. We never sold so many copies like we did this year. Thank´s to all Fans and buyers, who made this Calendar such a huge success.

Throughout the year we welcomed several new members in the AROLLO Boots Family. Ladies like Jo Mistress, Cash Diva Claudia or Mistress Alexandra join now our Family. The Arollo boot family is growing and growing. And also in 2023 hopefully many new members will join.

Last but not least we like to take the opportunity to thank you all. Last but not least, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you all. Despite all the crises we have learned to live with in 2022, we look to the future with optimism and look forward to a good new year.

We wish you all a happy new year and a good, and especially healthy 2023

Your Arollo Team



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