Top 3 selling boots 2019

Top 3 Boots

Top 3 selling Boots 2019 – AROLLO Hit list after numbers of sale:

Third Place: AROLLO Thigh High Boots Lady Olga:

The AROLLO Thigh High Boots Lady Olga has been the very first real Low Heel Boots in our collection. Many customers always asked us about Low Heel Boots. And before 2018 we simply didn’t have them in our collection. So it turns out that to hear to your customers is mostly not wrong. Together with our AROLLO Brand Ambassador for Russia, Olga Egorova, who is formally known as an boots expert, we developed the first real Low Heel Style. Olga, gave us so much input in the developing these boots, so we decided to name them after her. And now, two years after bringing those boots to the market for the first time, they hit 3rd place in AROLLO´s best selling boots 2019. Thank you Olga.

Second Place: AROLLO Thigh High Boots Victoria:

Before we sat down doing the first drawings for the Victoria style we only had real High Heel Boots in our collection. We found it was time to offer also Boots with not too high heels. Boots which are absolutely wearable and after all, comfortable to wear and comfortable to walk. So we came to the Design of the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Victoria. The 9 cm high block heel is just on the border with a high heel – but actually goes through as a low heel. We have received so many positive reviews about comfort – that we are very happy to have achieved our goal.

First Place: AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen:

It looks like the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen are an evergreen. Since the introduction of these boots years ago, they always has been under the Top 3 bestsellers. Mostly at first place, like 2019.  It´s like heaving a number 1 Hit in the music business. When you are writing on that song, you never expect to create a number 1 Hit. The Long Overknee Boots cover so many tastes, we guess this is the secret of success. Perfect cut, walkable High Heels, high quality leather, there is nothing more needed. We are excited already by now how this style will do in 2020.

Pictures of AROLLO´s Top 3 Boots 2019:







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