Summary of the news at AROLLO


Summary of the news at AROLLO.  In the past few weeks we presented to you new styles, new categories and much more in our Online Shop. For all who missed the one or the other news, here is a summary:

New Styles:

In September we introduced to you two new Thigh High Boots. First the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Lizzy. AROLLO´s first Thigh High Boots with full length zipper at the backside. Made of black genuine leather with a pointed toe, the chrome full zip and the chrome high heel make these boots so special. Already now, after few weeks on the market, we can say: AROLLO have a new bestseller. They has been the most sold boots of the past two month by far.

Also in September we introduced to you the second new style: The AROLLO Chap Boots. We believe that at least one pair of Chap Boots should be in every shoe closet. To satisfied the high demand of our regular customers, who always wanted AROLLO to offer Chap Boots we are happy now to say: Here they are!!! AROLLO Chap Boots are stylish, elegant and very erotic. They are the best boots for all occasions. Wearable for an elegant night out, or for the special moments for two.

New Look for Overknee Boots Roma and Princess:

We made a few small visual changes for both styles. We changed the sole color into the typical “AROLLO Beige”  and improved seams and zipper. Also some adaptations in the foot area has been made to provide an even better wearing comfort. Get your pair of one of AROLLO´s longtime best selling Overknee styles now!! Roma and/or Princess.

AROLLO Boots Calendar 2021:

Like every year, around September, we offer the AROLLO Boots Calendar for the upcoming year. The 2021 edition was something special, because we did the most erotic calendar ever. Like always, so it is also this edition a limited one. Never ever, we sold so many copies within the first 4 weeks. So it’s no wonder that there are only a few copies left and that you should secure your copy now.

Comeback of AROLLO´s Thigh High Boots Julie2:

This is the most recognized comeback of the year. When we announced the comeback of Julie2 in August, we knew we would make many of our regular customers happy. Those boots has been one of the most selling styles at the early days of AROLLO. We are happy to have them back in our collection.

Boots for Men by AROLLO:

By the end of September we went with our new category “Boots for Men” online. We thought it might be helpful for men to have a own category where to find Thigh High Boots for men. Men will find here AROLLO Thigh High Boots in bigger sizes and some styles Men already bought in the past. It is our pursuit to expand this category with new styles ongoing. The last style we were able to add where the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Victoria, which are now available up to shoe size EU 46.

We hope you like our summary of the latest news about AROLLO, and we promise there are more news coming up in November. This year we are heading off for the largest campaign for AROLLO White Friday we ever did. By the way, anyone who already owns a AROLLO Boots Calendar 2021 will find a note about AROLLO`s White Friday!!!!

So stay tuned to not miss any news……



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