Stretch Boots by AROLLO

Stretch Boots

Stretch Boots by AROLLO has been introduced to you first in Summer 2019. It was AROLLO´s first boots  we used genuine leather only for the foot part. The shaft is made of high quality Latex. Latex is very stretchable and fits to the legs like a second skin. With latex, there is virtually no folds. The second advantage is, that those boots will fit many different legs with different circumferences.

First, we but two colors to our collection. The Stretch Boots are available in red and black color. Another color will coming up by the end of this year.

AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots Red:

The success of the red color boots has been a high surprise. Only weeks after we placed them to our Online Shop the number of sales raised up and this boots become a new AROLLO Bestseller. Also Models from the Fetish Scene are thrilled about this boots. The design is an absolutely AROLLO Classic High Heel Boot with an 5cm plateau and 15cm High Heel. You will find pictures on Social Media from customers from all over the world wearing this AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots.

AROLLO Thigh High Stretch Boots Black:

For the second style in black we use also genuine leather at the foot area. The boots shaft is made of a thinner latex. This gives even more accuracy of fit. Those shaft hugs your leg and make them look longer and much slimmer. Also this style is a great success and we can not imagine not to have them in our collection. What we found is that this model is a very good opportunity for women with slim legs. The shaft in its standard circumferences is slim but extreme stretchable. So it fits many different legs with a wide range of circumferences. Same as the red ones they do have an 5cm High Heel and a 5cm plateau, which makes walking in those boots to a pleasure.



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