Special services for Christmas time

We offer special services for this years Christmas time. Due to the numerous crises shaking our world, it is necessary to make our service even more customer-friendly for the Christmas season.

Delivery time outside from the EU:

All experts are expecting an increased number of parcels for the upcoming Christmas business. Even if this year the Corona pandemic has no influence on delivery times, delays in delivery due to staff shortages are to be expected.  We from AROLLO therefore recommend to all customers from outside the European Union to place orders early enough. All orders placed in November 2023 we guaranty delivery before Christmas. As deadline you should order latest until December 5th.

Special Service: Of course, there is also the alternative of express delivery, which is exempt from delays in delivery. Express delivery to outside of the European Union takes between 3-5 working days. For information on this service, we recommend that you request information directly by email from arolloboots@gmail.com. Of course we hold on to our promise, that every order will be sent out within one working day.

Delivery times within the European Union:

In principle delivery time within the European Union is 2-4 working days. But also here you should count on delays. To ensure delivery just in time place your order latest on December 16th. Special Service: Express delivery between 1-3 working day. Get your detailed information about this service via e-mail from arolloboots@gmail.com

AROLLO extends the right of return:

As every year, we provide an extended right of return. We know many of you will surprise your loved one with our high quality boots on Christmas. For all orders from now on, until December 16th 2023 we extend the right of return or of exchange until January 2nd 2024. If you cancel your order until January 2nd by e-mail you are safe.

AROLLO Gift Card:

For all those who want to spare themselves the pre-Christmas shopping stress, the AROLLO Gift Card is the perfect possibility to make you loved one happy. To order the Gift Card takes just a few minutes, it´s the perfect present for all late decider.




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