Nikoletta – new in the Arollo Boots Family

New member in the Arollo Boots Family - Nikoletta from Austria

Today we welcome another Overknee Boots Lover to the Arollo Boots Family. Nikoletta from Austria, is a young lady with a passion for high-quality Overknee Boots and a certain preference for everything that looks good and suits her. It was only a matter of time before she became aware of Arollo. A few weeks ago, we received a request for a small collaboration via Instagram. The majority of our fans and customers are significantly older than Nikoletta. So it was a good opportunity for us to present Arollo to a younger audience. With Nikoletta and the Overknees she has chosen, this will work quite well.

Overknee Boots Princess presented by Nikoletta

The Overknee Princess has been the boots she felt in love with immediately. The combination of very high Heels and the Plateau are just breathtaking. Thanks to the 4 cm high platform, you can also walk really well and safely on 14 cm high heels. The darker beige for the sole of the boots matches perfect with the dark black genuine leather. In addition, the sole of the boots has fine longitudinal grooves that extend over the entire ball of the foot. These grooves provide additional safety on wet or slippery surfaces. The high-quality leather fits snugly around the legs. The high heels ensure an upright posture and let your legs literally grow into the sky.

The Crotch version

Of course, we couldn’t resist offering these hot Overknees in a Thigh High version. But we didn’t just want to make the shaft a little longer. No, with the Thigh High version we went one step further and created the longest boots in our range. The Arollo Thigh High Crotch Boots Princess reach up to the crotch. So they are called Crotch Boots. With a shaft length of 76cm for size EU 37 up to 84cm for size EU 44, these boots not only look stunning, they are an eye-catcher for anyone who loves the unusual.

Arollo Boots Family

Once again, welcome Nikoletta to the Arollo Boots Family. We wish you all the best and are delighted to have you with us.







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