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Steven Sandler

Last December we introduced Steven Sandler from Los Angeles to you. Since Spring 2019 Steven is one of the most recognized professional photographer of AROLLO. Through his work, he took AROLLO at least two steps further in the presentation of our Overknee and Thigh High Boots.

After shooting with Goddess Pepper and Porcelain Midnight last year, it was time to do a shooting with Ms Joi, a Model and Performer from Los Angeles. Typical for Steven Sandler is that he always try new things. It was the same this time, when he used a new type of camera he can shoot 360° pictures. A totally new view was the result.

Ms Joi chooses the AROLLO Overknee Boots Victoria. Classic Low Heel Overknee Boots, of course made of genuine leather. The 9cm blocked heel is just high enough to make the legs look longer. On the other hand, the blocked heel provides a very save step and in combination with the beige sole and the black leather the boots look elegant and stylish. Needless to say that this AROLLO Boots are one of the best selling Overknees in our collection.

This time, AROLLO is in the debt of Steven Sandler, because of the current bad Covid 19 situation we lost contact to Ms Joi. It was Steven who was able to reconnect and then arranged the photo shoot. Thank´s to Steven at this point.

We are planning one or the other further cooperation for this year, even if it is difficult to say how the situation will develop. But We hope Corona doesn’t influence us too much. AROLLO wishes all people in California, the whole USA and everyone around the world to stay save an healthy. Let´s keep distance and stay safe. 

Here some pictures from Steven Sandler, shooting profession Performer Ms Joi from California.



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