Inflation – increase in prices not at AROLLO


Inflation – increase in prices not at AROLLO. Half the world is suffering from high inflation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s energy, fuel, food or just a normal visit to a restaurant. Everything is getting more expensive. Some governments are countering high inflation with relief packages. A cap on gas prices is also being considered. Many of these supports certainly help in the short term, but do not solve the problem in the long term.

It has also been observed in many places that companies are taking advantage of the current situation to raise the prices of their products more significantly than is economically necessary. Here, the situation is exploited to quickly secure a few extra profits. And of course, this is all at the expense of consumers.

Arollo pricing policy

At AROLLO, we have always had an honest and transparent pricing policy from the beginning. About 4 years ago we wrote an article about our pricing policy in which we tried to explain our position on it. The topic is more topical than ever. Because even in these challenging times, online retailers from A to Z are advertising additional special sales days. This raises the question of how to do it. Minus 25% and more with inflation averaging 8 – 10%. Can this still be an honest pricing policy? We say no!!!

Of course we at AROLLO also have to deal with increasing costs. Everything is getting more expensive. From shipping costs, to material costs, Cost of virtually all services.

But, be sure:

We will not implement any price increase until the end of the year 2022.

In January 2023, we will take a very close look at all the increased costs. And only if it is necessary we will adjust our sales prices. However, only so high to be cost-covering. We think it is only fair to make this announcement to you now. So everyone can plan ahead at least until the end of the year. Certainly an advantage in these unpredictable times.

We wish you all well through these difficult times. Do not forget in all this, that fun and joy must not come too short.

Your Michael Mariani





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