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high heels for men

High heels for men are becoming more and more popular. At Arollo you will find a fine selection of high quality High Heel boots for men. We offer the most diverse heel forms. From block heels to the daring stiletto heels, everything is there. It is especially important for us to pay attention to a stable foot part, especially for the large sizes. In this area, stronger forces act due to the higher body weight than is the case with the smaller sizes. This must be taken into account when designing the foot area. Because men’s boots must not only look chic, but also be comfortable to wear. And that’s exactly what you get at Arollo.

Why just high heels for men from AROLLO?

Since the founding of Arollo in 2008, we have been dealing with the topic of high heels for men. We have been able to gain a lot of experience during this time. And can therefore say today with justification: “We know what matters!!!”  Together with our technicians, we have created boots that fully meet the needs of a demanding clientele. At Arollo unique design meets functionality and high wearing comfort. Especially when it comes to wearing comfort, it comes down to features that the customer does not see.

Many of our male and transgender customers praise us for the comfort of our boots. For example, a TS dominatrix from Switzerland writes:

Hey I have sooooo muck joy in my new Kim Overknee Boots, you do not believe it. I am also no longer the youngest (47) and can no longer run around all day as a dominatrix in high heels as before. The previously purchased Arollo Boots were all already quite comfortable, looked good and did not miss their effect on my guests. Normally I receive my slaves in the sexy boots. But at the latest after an hour session they conveniently get a mask on and see nothing more. Then I take off my boots and continue barefoot *lol.

But now something happened that I would never have thought possible. I inaugurated the Kim Overknee Boots last Saturday and had two sessions in a row. And wore the boots from 10:30 to 18:00 and lo and behold … I had no problems with them. Had I not been in them myself, I would not have thought it possible…

If you want to become a satisfied owner of High Heel Boots too, just go ahead to “Arollo Boots for men” For questions about our offers we are available at any time. We are happy to help you with your decision.

High Heels for men by AROLLO:




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