AROLLO – Europe’s No. 1 for Overknee and Thigh High boots

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AROLLO – Europe’s No. 1 for Overknee and Thigh High boots

A lot has happened since the introduction of the AROLLO brand in 2008. It was hard work necessary to get Arollo into No. 1 position in Europe. At that time we started the sale with only two self-designed models on Ebay.
That all beginning is difficult, we also had to accept. However, it was a little easier for us because we had the opportunity to let AROLLO grow slowly and were – and still are – independent of creditors.

15th Anniversary

Within only a few years, we have succeeded in creating a brand with AROLLO, which has become known far beyond the borders of our home country. Many tesserae contribute to this success and are the reason why we are where we are today:  Europe’s No. 1 for Overknee and Thigh High Boots !!!

In our Online Shop, actually 16 different self-designed Overknee and Thigh High Boots can be found. AROLLO is not only known but also recognized as a brand for high-quality genuine leather boots. Due to Corona and interruptions in the supply chain, we were unfortunately unable to present you with new models last year. But this fall we will continue the old tradition and again offer two new boot models.

Getting better

We are always pleased when customers tell us about their experiences with our products. To get even better, we held a survey, the AROLLO April Poll. We invited you all to choose your favorite Thigh High Boots out of four different styles.  The reactions were huge. Countless submissions gave us a great overview of things we already do very well and things we can do to improve. We would like to thank all submitter for this. We will stay tuned and make AROLLO even better.

Do you have any suggestions or would you like to share your experiences with AROLLO? Then just write to

Result of the AROLLO April Poll


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