Sub-zero temperatures and genuine leather Overknee boots

tips for wearing leather Overknees at sub-zero temperatures

Wearing genuine leather boots in sub-zero temperatures in winter requires special attention to ensure that your feet and legs stay warm. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain comfort and protect the leather well.

Here are some tips:

Underwear: Wearing tights is a particular advantage when wearing Overknees or Thigh High boots made of leather. Tights made from merino wool are particularly suitable here. Merino wool is breathable and does not scratch. It also has a particularly high temperature regulation. This means it cools in summer and warms in winter. Above all, it warms even when damp because moisture is transported to the outside.

Waterproof: Make sure that the boots are waterproof or at least water-repellent. Snow and mud can quickly lead to cold and wet feet if the boots or leather are not sufficiently protected.

Thick socks: Wear thick socks made of insulating material to generate additional warmth. Merino wool socks are also best here.

Note the size: Choose the right size for your boots so that there is enough room for thick socks. Boots that are too tight can impair blood circulation and reduce the insulating effect. Your feet will get cold more quickly due to the lack of blood circulation and will not recover until the boots are taken off again.

More tips:

Boot care: Treat your genuine leather boots regularly with a water-repellent agent and leather care products to protect the material from moisture and extend the life of the boots. You can find more tips here.

Lined insoles: In some cases, lined insoles can provide additional insulation and improve comfort.

Avoid road salt: Avoid contact with road salt as it can damage the leather. If the boots do come into contact with salt, clean them thoroughly and then apply a leather conditioner.

Air circulation and drying: Make sure that the boots are sufficiently ventilated after the winter walk to prevent moisture from forming inside. Good air circulation is important to get the boots dry again. You should never hang your boots over a radiator. Other sources of intense heat such as a tiled stove or even a hairdryer should not be used to dry the leather. Too much heat too quickly will damage the leather. It is best to dry your leather boots at room temperature, even if this can take a little longer.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your genuine leather boots offer optimum protection and comfort even in cold weather with sub-zero temperatures.


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