Price stability guaranteed

Price stability

This is a reminder of our article from April 29th

Price stability is guaranteed at AROLLO. Due to the current corona pandemic, we hear complaints from all sides about rising prices. Almost every business area complains about increasing purchase prices due to the interrupted production and supply chains during the Corona crisis. Neither the construction industry, nor the car manufacturers, or the retail chains are spared. The blockade of the Suez Canal by the stuck container ship Ever Given was not exactly beneficial either, and it exacerbated the situation.

We at AROLLO acted early last year and were thus able to avert the worst problems for 2021. We are very optimistic that the situation will ease again over the course of the year. However, it remains to be seen how far the now higher purchase prices will decrease again. Most of the time, once prices have risen, they don’t quite return to the starting point. This is mainly because producers and suppliers took the opportunity to increase their prices, since in the past, of necessity, significantly more was paid.

You can count on us

For the next five month we are able to hold on to our prices in any category. Everyone, who knows just a little about the current situation, can imagine, that this is a big thing. In today’s situation, no politician, no entrepreneur, no supplier can say what it will look like in one or two months. But we from AROLLO guarantee you price stability at least until October 2021.

That puts you in a comfortable situation where you can rely on us. We remain true to our motto “The best boots at the best price” even in these difficult times. The whole AROLLO team wishes you good health in the coming months, stay safe and get vaccinated. So that we can quickly return to our normal life.

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