Plateau sole on Thigh High Boots – yes or not?

Plateau sole

Plateau sole on Thigh High boots – yes or not? This is the question we will take a closer look today. Because it is not always just a question of taste whether you decide for or against a plateau sole. Some boots lovers even can not imagine sexy boots without plateau.

Plateau comes from the French and describes a shoe or boot with an extra strong sole under the forefoot or under the entire tread. Actually, every shoe can be provided with a platform. But for extrem High Heels, higher than 12cm, a Plateau is absolutely necessary. With high heels that are higher than 12cm, the position of the foot is so extremely steep that safe walking is no longer possible. The posture would be totally out of whack. The risk of injury would be very great. Only boots that are not intended for walking can do without a platform. With a platform sole you adjust the extreme foot position to the normal area again. The posture and the center of gravity of the body are back to normal and allow a safe step.

The most Fans of Thigh High and Overknee Boots love them with High Heels. This is mainly because high heels give the, already erotic footwear, a special touch. And a platform sole still tops this. In addition, platform boots are all the rage in 2021/22.

We at AROLLO offer some of the hottest Thigh High and Overknee Plateau Boots on earth. Starting with our classic Thigh High and Overknee Boots Princess to the new bestseller, the Thigh High Stretch Boots in red, with us you will find your dream platform boot. As you know the most erotic boots in our collection, the ANNA series is unfortunately sold out. Due to the Corona crisis, and the associated interruption in the supply chain, we are now optimistic that we will be able to offer the Anna series again in approx. 6-8 weeks. So stay tuned and do not miss any news.

Arollo Plateau sole Boots:


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