Ibti – new in the Arollo Boots Family


Ibti, is the first new member we welcome in the Arollo Boots Family in 2023. A Lady from Vienna with a passion for fashion and high quality High Heel leather boots. Sometimes it’s just destiny that you get to know each other. With Ibti, it was immediately clear to us that we share a great passion. The love for beautiful Thigh High and Overknee Boots.

Ibti told us how she discovered her passion for herself in the following sentences.

A young girl fell in love with Cinderella

Like any young girl I fell in love with Cinderella! I watched with delight how she transformed from a sad disheveled maid into a gorgeous confident princess who commanded the ball with her beauty and grace! This amazing metamorphosis happened the moment she slipped her feet into a pair of enchanted shoes! As I grew older, I realized that every woman has a Cinderella side to her personality. We all want to go through a magical transformation and be the fairest and sexiest female of the party!

In my case, the magic happened when I tried on my first pair of heels! As I stood few centimeters taller, I felt an unprecedented sense of power and self confidence! I am sure you would agree, my fellow High Heeled Boots lovers, that once a girl puts on her high heeled boots, she becomes a superwoman, fearless, sexy, compelling!

My first pair of Arollo Boots

So you could undoubtedly imagine what the Cinderella in me experienced when I tried my gorgeous Arollo boots for the first time! I did not simply become a princess, I transformed into a queen, into this super assertive female who could conquer anything! Arollo celebrates a woman’s essence by bringing out her feminine sensuality and revealing her unique seductive character. I wish every woman could live this experience by wearing Arollo boots because it is pure prejudice to believe that these beautiful heels are not for everyone.

I am an example of a regular ordinary girl who proudly rocks these boots with all confidence and feels extra-ordinary just doing that! As a matter of fact, I can barely wait to wear another pair of their sexy boots! I guess once you try an Arollo, you immediately become addicted to the incomparable passion it makes you feel! Unlike any other boots, Arollo boots do not just complete the outfit, they are the outfit!

Well, thank you Ibti for joining the Arollo Boots Family. We are happy to have you with us.


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