Granate Vienna – News update

Granate Vienna News uptade

Granate Vienna News update, high time to keep you up to date. Attentive readers of our blog articles have of course known Granate Vienna for several years. Today we at Arollo can say: It is always fulfilling to meet people like Granate Vienna and to have them in our Arollo Boots family.

Granate Vienna News update, how it all began

It was late 2016 when Granate Vienna purchased her very first pair of Thigh High Crotch boots from Arollo. At that time we didn’t know her yet and she was actually a normal customer for us. A few years passed when one day a mail with two or three photos arrived in our mailbox. Attached to the mail was an application to become an member in the AROLLO Boots Family.  The photos show Granate Vienna in her, then acquired, Thigh High Crotch Boots. We at Arollo were immediately enthusiastic about the expressiveness of these pictures, and the fact that Granate Vienna corresponds 100% to our philosophy. A confident, modern woman who loves to wear long Overknee Boots. The fact that she does this for almost every occasion and also in every place is exactly what we want to convey to our female customers.

The first collaboration

We immediately agreed to the application for the Arollo Boots Family and our first collaboration was a resounding success. The, at that time quite new in our collection, Crotch Boots Eve, were the first boots that Granate Vienna staged for us. Further campaigns followed with the Thigh High Boots Lizzy and Princess, which were all successfully received by the community. A few weeks ago we deepened our partnership and made Granate Vienna the face of the new AROLLO Thigh High boots Rachel. In our store she presents our latest creation as usual stylish and with a good portion of eroticism.

Passion and style

You can find Granate on on Instagram ___granate_vienna___ , as well as on Facebook and TikTok. Deeper insights are available at and If you’re lucky, you’ll also see her live, she lives in Vienna and is happy when fans don’t just stare wordlessly, but simply say “hello”.

Granate can be seen in numerous videos on YouTube for several years, mostly in Thigh High boots or Crotch high boots, which she prefers to buy at Arollo. She loves the soft leather, the high quality finish and the comfort of the boots, even if the heel height is much more than 10cm. Granate is known for wearing Thigh High or Crotch high boots frequently in public, regardless of the weather and the season, in the city, in the office, shopping, at the seaside and even in the high mountains. Her numerous fans on various social media channels love her for it.

Granate doesn’t consider herself a member of the fetish scene, but a modest woman with good taste and a passion for very long boots. She owns more than 50 pairs of Thigh High and Crotch Boots. She owns different brands in different materials, but her favorite boots are the genuine leather ones from Arollo, because they fit any occasion. The timeless elegance and excellent value for money never fail to impress them.

Finally, we would like to thank Granate Vienna for the past years of successful cooperation and look forward to the next joint work.




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