AROLLO Stories – Alena Episode 9/10

Alena Episode 9/10

AROLLO Stories – Alena Episode 9/10 – Here the Link to Episode 8/10

The delivery man hands over a cardboard box and asks me to sign. I’m confused. The delivery is addressed to me. But I can’t remember ordering something this size in the past few days. On the other hand, the parcel-delivery-thing became something like Christmas for adults: you order so many things online that you can’t keep track of it and whoosh, a delivery man turns into Santa Claus. I’m confused because of another reason too though. Because the delivery man usually never walks upstairs to us. Besides, he had a smile on his face, almost looking like a rose seller…
I walk back in the apartment, put the box on the kitchen table and look for something to open it. I cut through the bubble wrap. I smell leather and I open the box.


Pretty long boots.

No, I haven’t ordered them. Someone must have played a joke on me. Or is it like a scam? I remember reading about people who ordered in other people’s names lots of things just recently … but why would they do that?
I look back on the content of the box. I let my fingers glide across the mat black surface. The material seems to be of top quality. Nappa leather, I think. But so much of it?
I catch myself out imagining to put them on. The size would be correct. How would the boots look on me? But what would Frank think of me, when he comes home exactly then, when I try them on? Suddenly, I’m embarrassed by the whole situation. I’m about to close the box when I notice a red envelop. I open it and pull out a piece of paper.
Franks handwriting. With a fountain pen.

Dear Alena,
Writing you these words, takes me a lot of courage.
You’ve asked me, what’s going on with me.
THAT is going on.
I don’t dare to tell you in person. How uptight I feel because of that. I’m ashamed. But I don’t have an affair. I just have the wish, the desire, seeing my wife – YOU – in them.
I hope, you don’t think bad about me now. Please don’t judge me. We can’t change who we are. Please, just do what you think is the right thing to do.
I love you and will always love you.
PS: I am waiting downstairs, in front of the house. Do you want to go to Ibiza? The flight departs at 5 o’clock. See you soon?

I feel like my heart is in my mouth. I’m full of euphoria all of a sudden. When did I feel that happy the last time? When I was in love as a teenager? But I am so incredibly relieved. Tears rise in my eyes. “Oh Frank”, I’m sobbing.

When I pulled myself together, I take the right boot out of the box, open the zipper and put it on. How thin the heels are! I pull the zipper up. The leather nestles to my legs, like it was tailor-made.
Then the second one. It fits perfectly as well. I do a few careful steps. The leather creaks quietly and I gain confidence. When I’m standing in front of the big mirror, I wipe away my last tear and can’t believe that I’m the woman there, at first. I seem so … brave. And naughty. A little bit wicked. I turn left and right, admire my bum, look down on the heels, amazed…
Just now, I remember the last sentence about Ibiza. Frank wants to go there with me. I have to pack! And shower and put on make-up and…
But I’m not doing any of it.
I go to Frank.
The way I am now….

AROLLO Stories – ALENA the final Episode 10 will be released next Thursday, November 28th at 8 pm


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