AROLLO Boots Models – USA fab 3

AROLLO Boots Models – USA fab 3

Today we would like to introduce you the FAB 3 AROLLO Boots Models which are from the United States of America. It was something in 2015 when we did our first collaboration with a Lady from USA. It was none other than Carrie LaChance. Today many Ladies from so many different US-States are member of the AROLLO Boots family. And we are very proud of that. We have compiled the top 3 models for you that have been most often published on the AROLLO Social Media accounts. The ranking below is not related to it.

Carrie LaChanche:

As mentioned above, it was in 2015 when Carrie LaChance got in touch with AROLLO for the first time. At this time the both of us already had thousands of followers on Facebook, and we thought a collaboration would be worth for both. And so it was. With Carrie LaChance our notoriety in the USA grew fast. We did two shootings together. Carries pictures are erotic pure and her community is now part of AROLLO´s and the other way around. See more of Carrie LaChance on Twitter

Chrissy Brilla:

About one year later we met Chrissy Brilla from the US-East coast. Chrissy fell in love with our Thigh High Boots and wrote us an candidature to model in one of our Boots. We took her into the AROLLO Boots family and did also two shootings together. Especially for the East coast, AROLLO is now much better known. And this is a big part of Chrissy´s work. See more of Chrissy Brilla on Twitter

Goddess Pepper:

Two years ago, it was the first time Goddess Pepper wrote us to become a member at the AROLLO Boots Family. We were immediately convinced that she would go well with AROLLO. So we fixed our first shooting in AROLLO Thigh High Boots Queen. The pictures has been very successful, so it was just a matter of time to fix the second shooting. Goddess Pepper decided for the AROLLO Overknee Boots Princess. At this moment we did not knew, that she hired an absolute professional for this shot- his name: Steven Sandler. The result of this collaboration was phenomenon. AROLLO became more recognized in the Los Angeles/California area then ever before. We already introduced Steven Sandler to you in a BLOG before. We are looking forward to do more shootings with him and Goddess Pepper. See more of Goddess Pepper on Twitter.

If you want to became a member of the AROLLO Boots Family just send us your application to

Here again one picture each of USA fab 3:


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