April Poll – choose your favorite Boots and win

April Poll

The April Poll will run throughout the whole month. Choose one from the 4 hot Arollo Thigh High Boots that the cover picture shows and win.

  1. Thigh High Boots Princess

This boots are the one with the longest shaft in our collection. You can also call them Crotch Boots, because the shaft reaches far up the thigh to the crotch.  The 14,5cm High Heel combined with an 4cm Plateau makes this boots so unique. High quality leather nestles against your skin, crating a comfortable feel.

2. Thigh High Boots Queen 

The bestseller from Arollo is the second option you have. The Queen boots are all in one: Stylish, elegant and sexy at at the same time. If you  are looking for some boots for any occasion, the Queen Thigh High Boots is your choice. Like all boots in our collection, the Queen Boots are made of high quality genuine leather.

3. Thigh High Boots Anna2

These boots are definitely designed for special occasions. Even if you don’t want to believe it, the boots are comfortable to wear, even for a long period of time, despite their extremely high heels. Even though the heels are extremely high at 16.5cm, the 6cm platform ensures that you will find the same features as a high heel with 10.5cm . These boots are widely used in the fetish scene. But also for the pleasant hours at home they are the perfect accessory.

4. Thigh High Victoria

If someone is looking for a Thigh High boot for everyday life, you can’t really avoid the Thigh High Victoria by AROLLO. These boots redefine elegance. Properly combined, they are not only suitable for everyday wear. The lady who wears them will clearly stand out from the general mass, and in a positive sense.

Vote and win – every participant wins!!!

Tell us your favorite boot from the 4 proposed models and receive a 10% voucher for your next purchase. Send us your choice over e-Mail to arolloboots@gmail.com You will receive the voucher within 1 working day. If you can add some words to your choice, why these are your favorite boots, we would highly appreciate.

Among all participants  we are raffling off a 2nd voucher. This voucher will be worth € 350,00. The raffle takes place on May 4th 2023. The winner will be randomly selected, and will be informed over e-Mail. Our raffle takes place to the exclusion of the judge’s decision. Arollo vouchers cannot be redeemed in cash but they are transferable.

Arollo April Poll – choose one out of this 4 hot Boots







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