Yesmeiry23 – new in the AROLLO Boots Family


Yesmeiry23 is already the third new member of the AROLLO Boots Family this year. She is a Dominican Republic Lady living in Switzerland and adore AROLLO Boots. It was in autumn last year, when she got in touch with AROLLO for a planed shooting in Germany. The focus on this shooting was wearing leather outfit in the city. The high-quality leather boots from AROLLO would of course go very well with this.

We agreed to a exclusive collaboration for this shooting. To due of Corona the plans needed to be changed and so the shooting was held in a studio. That was no problem since the result was just amazing. Yesmeiry23 showed herself from her erotic site. Different outfits were used. And all of them offered the viewer an idea what´s under those little pieces of textile. The shooting turned out into one of the most erotic ones AROLLO ever done.

The full length zipper Thigh High Boots Lizzy has been Yesmeiry23 choice. Those boots matched so perfect with her body and the theme of the shooting. It was no wonder that the pictures from Yesmeiry23 showing her in our Lizzy boots reached high attention. We published the pictures on all the different social media accounts, AROLLO owns.  Our fans and followers rewarded the pictures with above-average likes and shared them a lot.

AROLLO likes to say thank´s to Yesmeiry23 and her partners. We know to produce erotic pictures like that is not easy in times of Corona. We are looking forward to the time after Corona, and perhaps of doing a shooting together in Tyrol.

If you want to se more of Yesmeiry23 follow her on Instagram.


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