Steven Sandler – Photographer for AROLLO

Steven Sandler – Photographer for AROLLO

Today, it´s our pleasure to introduce to you Steven Sandler, a profession photographer located in Los Angeles. Steven Sandler got in touch with AROLLO first time, when he worked with Goddess Pepper from Los Angeles. Goddess Pepper already was a member of the AROLLO Boots Family and surged for a photographer to do a shooting in her AROLLO Overknee Boots she already owned.

Finally she came to Steven Sandler which strong suits are fine art and fetish art, glamour lifestyle events and performance art. When Goddess Pepper send the first pictures from the shooting,  knew immediately, he is the right photographer to promote AROLLO Boots in California, and way beyond the Golden State.

Meanwhile Steven did three shootings with three different Ladies in different AROLLO Boots for us.

First work was with Goddess Pepper we already described. Second work was with Sarah Seraine. The subject of the shooting was “Shopping in AROLLO Overknee Boots”. Steven wanted to show, that AROLLO Boots are also wearable in public and for any occasion. The video, which was created during the shooting proves that. Sarah was filmed in a Shopping Mall somewhere in Los Angeles. Her boots has been combined well with the rest of the outfit, just like we always recommend when people want to wear our boots in public. The pictures and the video has been very successful and they still are.

The third work, just a few days ago, was held with Mistress Porcelain Midnight. This time it was time to show the dark side of AROLLO. Mistress Porcelain Midnight is of course the right model for it and has all the features a woman from the dark side needs. But it would not be Steven Sandler if he did not make something special out of it. The location, the realization, the light, everything is coherent and invites the viewer to let his imagination run wild. Also in this shoot, a video was created which we will release in a couple of days. Just keep on looking on YouTube so you won´t miss the  publication.

We are looking forward to raise our partnership to Steven Sandler and can´t wait to see more work from his fabulous art. If you want to know more about Steven Sandler just go to his Instagram profile  @ephemeral_muse_portfolio or visit his homepage

Work of Steven Sandler for AROLLO:


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