Overknees – best made of leather

Overknees best made of leather

Overknees are best made of leather. Today, we explore why this is so.

The characteristics of genuine leather:

Genuine leather is a product of nature and in the production much more environmentally friendly than imitation leather. In comparison with imitation leather, genuine leather is also much more durable. In the shoe or boot industry, the quality of the respective products increases with the proportion of genuine leather. This means that shoes or boots that are made of 100% leather are those that are considered the highest quality on the market.

Other characteristics and quality features of genuine leather worth highlighting are:

  • Water drop fastness
  • Rubbing fastness of the upper side of the leather
  • Permeability or absorption of water vapor
  • heat insulating
  • Adhesion of the individual layers
  • Heat resistance
  • Water resistant
  • Light fastness
  • Wear behavior
  • Elongation

Appearance of Overknees made of leather

Another great advantage of Overknees made of leather is of course the appearance. Each individual leather hide is unique. Genuine leather reflects the natural life of the animals from which it is made. Thus, scars and any irregularities in the surface of the leather are not a reduction in quality. Rather, these features are a proof of quality and reflects the authenticity. So you can say: Every single pair of Overknees made of genuine leather are unique.

Leather in the world of fashion

It is impossible to imagine the fashion world without the natural product leather. There is practically no piece of clothing that is not made of genuine leather. Most designers attach great importance to the highest quality. Garments made of leather can be combined at will, and give the wearer a certain class.

Leather in the fetish scene

Among the most diverse fetishes that exist, the leather fetish is probably one of the most widespread. Real leather fetishists will never wear anything but real leather. The smell of leather alone has an eroticizing effect. The feeling when leather touches the naked skin no leather fetishist wants to miss. So it’s no big surprise that there are scenes all over the world that share their passion for this special material.


Leather Overknees are elegant, durable, unique and high quality. They are indispensable for those who value elegance with a healthy mix of eroticism.

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