Miss Alessa Milano – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Miss Alessa Milano

Please welcome Miss Alessa Milano as the newest member in the AROLLO Boots Family. From time to time we want to remind that AROLLO Boots are also a strong partner in the Fetish, Domina and adult movie scene. One Lady that stands for all of that is, Miss Alessa Milano.

She is a multi talented Lady, living in the Köln area. Her incredible charisma, her perfect curves and her personality set her apart from the crowd. Doing photo shootings, most of them with an profession photographer, is one of her passion. Most shootings are settle in the fetish and erotic scene.  Additional she is working as a high class Domina and sometimes starring in the one or the other adult movie.

As a lady of your stature, she of course also loves thigh high boots. It was a friend who drew her attention to AROLLO during a video shoot. He knows AROLLO boots and is enthusiastic about the quality we deliver. This was the reason for Alessa to apply for the AROLLO boots family. When we saw her pictures and the application for the first time, we knew that she would be perfect to cover the fetish area as well as the erotic part of AROLLO.

Which boots would suit her better than the red thigh high stretch boots? It was clear that only those boots are perfect for our first collaboration.  Each single picture is suitable to stimulate the imagination of the viewer. We like the schoolgirl outfit same as the red lingerie. Anyway we are very happy to have her in our Family. She definitely is asset to our community. And we hope to work with her again later this year.

If you want to know more about Miss Alessa Milano, you can visit one of her Social Media account on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or Onlyfans.

Pictures from our first collaboration:



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