Leathermandy – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Leathermandy is the newest member in the constantly growing AROLLO Boots Family. She lives only  a 2 hour drive from our headquarter and became aware to Arollo about 3 years ago. As a woman who has dedicated her life to leather, our paths had to cross at some point.  Besides a big number of leather clothes she owns a huge stock of leather Overknee, Thigh High and High Heel Pumps too. But no AROLLO Boots at that time. Leathermandy wears leather any day, according to the motto: A day without wearing leather is a lost day!! We totally agree to that.

Time passed, and for a variety of reasons it took until now for us to welcome Leathermandy to our family of boots.  In her first photo session, she showed the typical “AROLLO Style”. High quality leather Overknee Boots combined for everyday life. Like the most women does, also Mandy enjoy the looks she gets from peoples when shes on the street in leather. And she is an absolutely professional in combine erotic Overknee Boots in a way  to make them wearable in public. And that´s one of the main messages of AROLLO.

Reminder: The AROLLO Photo Challenge 2021 ends at March 28th – Send us your pictures from your AROLLO Boots and win a pair of AROLLO Chap Boots 

We are so happy to have her in our family and to have one more ambassador to send out our message throughout the world: Overknee and Thigh High Boots are so much more than just a Sex toy – they can enrich your everyday life. Perhaps you are wondering which Arollo´s she wears on the pictures? These are the Arollo Overknee ANNA3 with 16,5cm High Heel and 6cm plateau. Overknee ANNA3 are one of our best selling Overknee Boots. Unfortunately they are almost sold out at the moment. We expect to have all sizes (EU 37 – EU 44) back in stock this summer.

Leathermandy in typical AROLLO style outfit:






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