Handmade Brass Spurs by Arollo

Arollo handmade brass Spurs

Pimp up your boots with 100% handmade brass Spurs from Arollo. Arollo is the Nr. 1 brand when it comes to high quality genuine leather High Heel Thigh High and Overknee Boots. Our boots find customers all over the world. Many of them own several models from our collection. To complement our high-quality boots collection, we have also been offering our solid brass boot spurs for several years. Made entirely by hand, they fit every boot and every shoe size.

Brass Spurs Devil and Hazard

We offer two different designs. Both are 100% handmade. Genuine, high-quality, strong leather for the strap and solid brass for the spurs and chain give the spurs a high-quality look. These spurs are sustainable and will last a lifetime. To ensure this, you should polish the brass regularly. The leather strap also deserves care. The same care instructions apply here as for most leather products. This will ensure that your Arollo spurs last for decades. Both styles fitting any kind of Thigh High and Overknee Boots in any size. They add a touch of aesthetics, strength and elegance to your boots. For many ladies from the erotic scene, spurs are also a popular accessory to emphasize strength and power even more.

Get 20% discount

If you add a pair of Devil or Hazard spurs to your boot order, you will receive automatically a 20% discount on the spurs. So, be ready to give your boots a new look and enhance them with our handmade brass spurs. Click here to order

Devil and Hazard






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