Deanna Storm – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Deanna Storm

Today, we are proud to introduce to you the newest member in the AROLLO Boots family – Deanna Storm from Boston.

About 5 years ago Deanna Storm discovered AROLLO and she added many of our Thigh High leather boots to her collection.

The email below was reason enough to add Deanna Storm to our boots family:

I have been a leather enthusiast in the kink community since 2008. I am a lifestyle and professional Domina, and run a discrete private dungeon in Boston, MA. My boot collection is extensive, ranging from Jimmy Choo to Christian Louboutins – I even have an exquisite kid leather crotch high pair I wear ONLY in the bedroom!

However of all my boots, my AROLLO boots are my absolute favorites! I have 4 pairs from your brand now. The ones I wear the most are the Anna3 Special Edition and Anna 2 thigh high boots. I love how they have traction, making them easier to wear for a night out on the town. And the colored bottoms make them look so elegant!

Originally my slave came across your brand and bought me my first pair of boots because we loved the wrapped platform tie, and that these boots could be made custom! I do a lot of Pilates barre and running for exercise, so my calf’s are rather toned and lean. Maybe other brands do not fit just right on my leg. However with your custom sizing we were able to create the perfect fit!

I wear my boots year round in my play-space and for photo-shoots, as I sometimes do Fetish modeling for fun. You may have seen me in Von Guttenberg magazine a few years back. I also worked with Marquis Magazine, as the US owner is a good friend of mine.

My favorite season is New England is fall, and I love to wear my leather boots paired with a pencil skirt or sweater dress. I’ve shared a few pictures where I am enjoying my Arollos!

AROLLO says thank´s to Deanna Storm, we are proud to have you in the family!!!




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