AROLLO pricing policy – why are there no special offers at AROLLO?

AROLLO is known for the honest dealing with its customers and represents a fair pricing policy.

Who has not listened to the radio or watched TV in the last 14 days? Every online retailer and every major retail chain has just come out on Black Friday with special discounts. It should be made believable to the consumer that there is everything for less.  Most did not have enough with Black Friday and extended their special offers for a Cyber ​​Week. I always wonder, do these traders think consumers are so naive?

Concretely, if a supplier is able to offer discounts of up to 50% or more for an action (Black Friday) or a certain period (winter sales, Cyber ​​Week, etc.), this means that he will not provide his customers the rest of the time the best price he can. It is accepted that they annoy their customers. Furthermore, these advertising geniuses educate customers to wait more and more. Why should I buy a new bedroom now? Next week is sure to come back an action and the week after another ……it may be that it is still  going “cheaper”

Imagine buying AROLLO Thigh High boots for 398,00 € in early November. Well, on Black Friday you get the same boot 25% cheaper. How would you feel? Disappointed? Annoyed, maybe even cheated? These are all emotions that we do not want for our customers. We offer our customers the best possible price right from the start. And not just for specific actions, but always and throughout the year. Conversely, one could also say that there are no overpriced offers with us.

Of course, it makes sense to offer a product which is abandoned cheaply. However, this can not apply to the entire range. AROLLO will continue to treat its customers fairly and refrain from seasonal actions. We focus on the product and you as our customers and fans.

This will remain so

Michael Mariani

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