April Poll – Result


We have the result of the AROLLO April Poll. Throughout April 2023 we asked you to choose your favorite Thigh High Boots out of four models. First place was clear, and a head to head race between two models developed for second place. Fourth place was again clear-

Final Result

First Place with 35% of the votes cast, the Thigh High Queen occupies. Opinions about these boots are clear and unanimous. They are the best model in our collection if you want to buy a Thigh High boot for any occasion.

Second Place with 27% of the votes cast, the Thigh High Princess occupies. The extra long boot shaft, which reaches far up over the thigh, was the main argument to vote for this model. Especially if you wear a slightly shorter skirt with these boots, it will be left to the imagination of the viewer where exactly these boots end. This gives the wearer a certain eroticism to play with.

Third Place with 25% of the votes cast, the Thigh High Victoria occupies. That it would be so close between the two models Princess and Victoria has surprised us a bit. In any case, the Victoria boots, just like the Queen, are an all-rounder. Whereas with these boots the focus is clearly in the direction of elegance and less in the direction of eroticism. They are the ideal companions for a nice evening out.

Fourth Place with 13% of the votes cast, the Thigh High ANNA2 occupies. Because of the extremely high heels alone, this model is probably only the best of the four for a smaller, sworn group of  boot lovers. However, in this group, the ANNA2 are at the top. And let’s be honest: More eroticism than with these 16.5cm killer heels is not really possible or?

Winner of the main price

As we have announced, today, May 4, 2023, we have drawn a winner of the main prize from all who have cast their vote. The winner from Sweden already received the main price, a Voucher worth of 350,00€ over e-Mail. He voted for the AROLLO Thigh High Boots Princess,  and gave us his reasons for this:

“I would like to vote for the Princess boots. The very long shaft, the extreme heels and the 4 cm platform make the woman wearing them look royally superior! Seeing the Princess boots disappearing up under a skirt makes you wonder how far the reach, and in case you are lucky enough to get a glipmse, you discover that they go all the way up! Incredibly thrilling!

I also love the length the princess boots adds to the woman. A (very) tall woman is one of the most exciting looks I can imaging.

I hope the above explains my vote for the Princess boots!”

We would like to thank not just the winner, but all who took part at the AROLLO April Poll. You made this special promotion so successful and helped us better understand what you love about our boots and what we can do better.


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