The red boots collection by Arollo

Arollo red boots collection

Our red boots collection is growing. When describing the color red in connection with over-the-knee boots, people often think of passion and self-confidence, but also courage. Red over-the-knee boots are a strong fashion statement. The color red attracts attention and can symbolize different emotions, from love and sensuality to strength and power. Red over-the-knee boots can be an eye-catcher in your outfit and add a touch of eroticism, flair and elegance. Red Overknee and Thigh High boots are a real eye-catcher and contribute to a bold and stylish look. Right now we offer three different models in red.

Red Boots with Plateau

The first red boots in our collection has been the Arollo Thigh High Stretch Boots. We brought them to the market about 4 years ago. We broke new ground with this design. The foot area is made from genuine, high-quality red leather. For the boot shaft, we opted for a material that stretches very well for the first time. The advantage of this is that the shaft adapts perfectly to your leg without creating too many creases. Your legs look longer and slimmer. The color red in itself creates a good portion of eroticism. To top it off, we created a boot with killer 16.5 cm high heels and a 6 cm platform. Admittedly, not the ideal boots for every woman. But for the brave and all those who want to break out of the norm, these are the ideal boots.

To give men the opportunity to get their hands on these unique boots, we offer them from size EU 37 – 46.  Order now and receive your Arollo Thigh High Stretch Boots within 3-4 working days within the European Union. Product description and all important information you will find here:

Red Overknee Boots Rachel 

In September 2023 we introduced to you our first red Overknees. Made of genuine red leather the Overknee Boots Rachel are the boots women must have. As the boot shaft ends just above the knee, they radiate a certain elegance that can be enhanced by the right combination with the rest of the outfit. Far from the usual cliches, this model is a high-quality, elegant and stylish fashion item.  We offer them in size EU 37-42. Place your order now, and become a real Fashion Queen.

Red Thigh High Boots Rachel

If we are already offering red Overknees, then it goes without saying that the same model must also be available in a Thigh High version. This is the alternative to the Overknee model for all those who don’t like it quite so well-behaved. Of course, these boots also depend on the combination of the rest of the outfit. Depending on the occasion, anything goes here. Whether you’re going to the cinema or a fetish party, with just a few adjustments to the rest of your outfit, the Rachel Thigh High Boots are the perfect companion. You can choose between size EU 37 – 44. Order now and receive the hottest boots in our collection. Arollo Thigh High Boots Rachel:

The red boots collection by Arollo:


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