Overknee Boots with Plateau


Overknee Boots with Plateau is today´s topic.  In our collection you can find the most diverse variants. High plateaus as well as hidden. But when does a platform really make sense? Or is it just a matter of taste? Some boot lovers swear by platforms, others just don’t like them at all.

It’s always about the stiletto height

It is quite clear that high heel boots from a certain stiletto height absolutely need a platform. It can be said that walking is no longer safe from a stiletto height of 11cm – 12cm upwards without a plateau. From a stiletto height of 11cm upwards, the position of the foot is so extreme that a safe step is no longer possible. Of course, such a steep foot position also increases the pain. The pain  comes earlier and more violently.

To counteract this, a plateau is built into the area of the foot. The platform ensures that the foot position becomes flatter again and thus compensates for the extreme foot position. If you add a platform of 6cm to a heel height of 16cm, for example, the heel still looks like 16cm. But the wearing comfort and especially the walking then corresponds to a heel of only 10cm.

Plateau Boots by AROLLO

In our collection you can find 3 different kind of Plateau Boots. We offer styles with 6cm Plateau, like the whole Anna Series. There are boots with 4cm Plateau like the Overknee and Long Overknee Princess. And one with a hidden Plateau, the Overknee and Long Overknee Queen. The hidden platform on the Queen Boots is particularly noteworthy. Those boots have a 13cm high heel. So already so high that the boots would simply no longer be comfortable to wear. Due to the hidden platform of 2.5cm height, the perceived stiletto height is reduced to 10.5cm. This in turn guarantees an absolutely high wearing comfort. he hidden platform is so cleverly built in that you do not even notice it from the outside. That’s what makes these boots so unique and beautiful.

AROLLO Plateau Boots:


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