New!!! Red Overknee Boots Rachel

red Overknee

The new red Overknees Rachel are made of genuine leather and are available from now. Finally, there are again new Overknees from Arollo. Due tue the pandemic and broken deliver chains, we where not able to offer new Boots last year. But now the time has come. We are happy to present you the brand new red Overknee boots Rachel.

Secure 24 hours introductory price instead of € 349,00 only € 315,00

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Our red Overknee Boots are made of genuine leather.  The lining is made of genuine leather also. These boots exude so much elegance and sensuality that you can wear them to any occasion. In addition to careful workmanship, we also paid great attention to the fact that the boots are comfortable to wear. These Overknees are the right choice for evenings that sometimes last several hours.

Secure 24 hours introductory price instead of € 349,00 only € 315,00, offer valid until Friday September 8th 12:00h noon 

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself to the luxury and sophistication of our red over the knee boots and add a touch of passion and extravagance to your style. Buy now and experience the difference these boots can make.

All detailed product description and all measurements you will find here: 

New Arollo red Overknee Boots Rachel:






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