Madame V – new in the AROLLO Boots Family

Madame V

Madame V – The Jamaican Queen of Leather – is the newest member of the AROLLO boots family. She is an Jamaican American and now lives in New York. As a professional dominatrix, she is highly valued by her customers and fans. So it was natural for one of her servants to give her a high-quality and exclusive gift. She could look forward to the extremely sharp AROLLO Thigh High Boots ANNA2 Special Edition. As a special attention, the boots were adjusted exactly to her measurements. This service from AROLLO is very popular and ensures that our boots are precisely adapted to the circumference of the customer.

In the course of this order, we had a lively email contact with The Jamaican Queen of Leather. Because perfect advice is very important to us, especially when it comes to custom-made products. When the boots arrived in New York, Madame V was enthusiastic about the quality and fit.

Her new boots were used again and again in the most varied of sessions. When a photo shoot with her regular photographer was due again, Madame V sent us some great pictures from it. Madame V is very active on Social Media, especially on Twitter, and has never been tired of thanking us for our great work and the excellent quality of the boots.

The AROLLO philosophy is not just about taking. That is why it is a great pleasure and honor for us to include Madam V in our family of boots and to send her our support.
It is always a pleasure for us when “normal” customers become friends. This is a special award for AROLLO and a confirmation of being on the right path. We wish Madame V all the best and a lot of patience and perseverance, especially for the current time, to master the current Corona crisis well.


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