Long Overknee Stretch Black


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AROLLO is breaking new ground with this model. Nevertheless, we remain true to our motto “highest quality at a fair price”. Like all our models, we have also produced the foot area up to the ankle in high-quality genuine leather for this creation. The footbed offers the usual high wearing comfort as Arollo boots are known for. The bootleg is made of latex. This gives a skin-tight fit and a tremendous stretch. This shaft adapts to your leg like a second skin.

EU 37: 45cm
EU 38: 46cm
EU 39: 46cm
EU 40: 47cm
EU 41: 48cm
EU 42: 50cm

All circumferences stretchable up to 3,5cm

EU 37: 33cm
EU 38: 34cm
EU 39: 35cm
EU 40: 36cm
EU 41: 37cm
EU 42: 37cm

All circumferences stretchable up to 3,5cm

EU 37: 24cm
EU 38: 25cm
EU 39: 25cm
EU 40: 26cm
EU 41: 27cm
EU 42: 27cm

EU 37: 66cm
EU 38: 66cm
EU 39: 68cm
EU 40: 68cm
EU 41: 69cm
EU 42: 69cm

EU 37: 81cm
EU 38: 81cm
EU 39: 83cm
EU 40: 83cm
EU 41: 84cm
EU 42: 84cm

Arollo Overknee Stretch Black Sizes


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