AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Stiletto Roma Genuine Leather EU37-EU44

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Stand barefoot on the floor, measuring from the heel upwards! Fill in your measurements below and your custom-made Boots will be send out to you within 21 working days from receipt of payment. No exchange and return right for custom made boots.

4. Thigh
See shaft at the product description, transfer the length to your leg and take the circumference. Shorter shaft possible, but it must be at least 9 cm shorter then the standard length. Any longer shaft possible, but there will be an additional seam on the shaft. The expansion lip is eliminated.
3. Knee
Take circumference about 10cm above your knee
2. Calf
Take circumference at the strongest area of your calf
1. Ankle
Take ankle circumference at a height of 18cm, because of technical reasons shaft changes are not possible under 18cm



Shipping & Delivery


An excellent choice: LONG OVERKNEE BOOTS STILETTO ROMA is the first pick when it comes to crotch boots. Extra slim stiletto heel – a real eye-catcher! The long black boot shaft from genuine leather caresses your leg and makes eyes gaze in wonderment. The rather low stiletto heel is super comfy to walk with and the tender skin feels sensational. LONG OVERKNEE STILETTO ROMA can solely be bought from AROLLO at incredibly reduced rates. Order now and wear forever!

EU 37: 50cm
EU 38: 51cm
EU 39: 52,5cm
EU 40: 53,5cm
EU 41: 53,5cm
EU 42: 55cm
EU 43: 56cm
EU 44: 56cm

EU 37: 38cm
EU 38: 35cm
EU 39: 36cm
EU 40: 36cm
EU 41: 36,5cm
EU 42: 38cm
EU 43: 38cm
EU 44: 40cm

EU 37: 25cm
EU 38: 25cm
EU 39: 25,5cm
EU 40: 26cm
EU 41: 26cm
EU 42: 27cm
EU 43: 27,5cm
EU 44: 28cm

EU 37: 69,5cm
EU 38: 69,5cm
EU 39: 72cm
EU 40: 73,5cm
EU 41: 74,5cm
EU 42: 75cm
EU 43: 75,5cm
EU 44: 76cm

EU 37: 80cm
EU 38: 80cm
EU 39: 82,5cm
EU 40: 84cm
EU 41: 85cm
EU 42: 85,5cm
EU 43: 86cm
EU 44: 86,5cm

All sizes are stretchable up to 2cm.

Long Overknee Stiletto Roma Measurements

3 reviews for AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Stiletto Roma Genuine Leather EU37-EU44

  1. William B.

    Dear Michael; We received the boots today. They fit great and she loves them! Your customer service has been excellent on this order! Thanks Again. Kind Regards Bill

    Verified Review. More Information

  2. Corinna H.

    Hi ….
    Entschuldige bitte,… schon laenger wollte ich dir das hier mal schicken…
    Hatte ich ja versprochen… undxwas Corinna versprochen hat haellt sie auch….
    Wirklich tolle sexy Stiefel sind das…
    Und wenn mein Sparschweinchen wieder etwas fetter ist … , lach…
    Dann bestell ich mir natürlich nur bei dir nochmal ein paar Stiefel.
    Danke nochmals fuer die tolle unkomplizierte Kommunikation und den Service.
    Liebe Grüße
    Corinna H.

    Verified Review. More Information

  3. Sven B.

    Excellent fit along the whole leg. At first I thought the boots were too slim at the feet but after some wearing the material expands and now fits perfectly like a 2nd skin. Just perfect, I couldnt find any flaws yet after 1 month. I ordered size 43

    Verified Review. More Information

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