AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Lizzy Full Length Zipper EU37-EU44

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Black is beautiful! The AROLLO Long Overknee – Thigh High Boots Lizzy are AROLLO´s first boots with full length zipper. The zipper at the back side provides an easy in and out and is the eye catcher as well. As our whole collection, also this style is only available at AROLLO. Get your pair of these unique boots now.

EU 37: 52cm
EU 38: 52cm
EU 39: 53cm
EU 40: 54cm
EU 41: 55cm
EU 42: 57cm
EU 43: 57cm
EU 44: 57cm

EU 37: 36cm
EU 38: 36cm
EU 39: 37cm
EU 40: 38cm
EU 41: 38cm
EU 42: 39cm
EU 43: 40cm
EU 44: 40cm

EU 37: 25cm
EU 38: 25cm
EU 39: 26cm
EU 40: 27cm
EU 41: 27cm
EU 42: 28cm
EU 43: 28cm
EU 44: 28cm

EU 37: 72cm
EU 38: 72cm
EU 39: 73cm
EU 40: 73cm
EU 41: 74cm
EU 42: 76cm
EU 43: 77cm
EU 44: 78cm

EU 37: 82cm
EU 38: 82cm
EU 39: 83cm
EU 40: 83cm
EU 41: 84cm
EU 42: 86cm
EU 43: 87cm
EU 44: 88cm

2 reviews for AROLLO Long Overknee Boots Lizzy Full Length Zipper EU37-EU44

  1. Bart

    The boots have arrived to my Mistress and she is most happy with them!
    She told me, that she always dreamed of such a design, so it was a perfect surprise! Another unforgettable gift thanks to Arollo!

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  2. Mert

    The awesome Lizzy’s arrived safe. Such amazing and beautiful boots! I love every single moment I spend in them! Thanks so much for the great quality and the first class packing. I’d be following Arollo for new orders. Kind regards

    Verified Review. More Information

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