AROLLO Chap Boots Genuine Leather EU37-EU44

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Is there anything more erotic than Chap boots? Based on fishing boots, these boots meet all the requirements of the self-confident woman today. The flowing transition between boots and pants is what makes it so special. Our Chap boots have a height-adjustable belt loop. Boots and belts are also made of high quality leather. With these boots you will become the star of every fetish party and in every night club.

EU 37: 51cm
EU 38: 53cm
EU 39: 53cm
EU 40: 54cm
EU 41: 54cm
EU 42: 55cm
EU 43: 56cm
EU 44: 57cm

EU 37: 36cm
EU 38: 36cm
EU 39: 37cm
EU 40: 37cm
EU 41: 38cm
EU 42: 38cm
EU 43: 38cm
EU 44: 38cm

EU 37: 26cm
EU 38: 26cm
EU 39: 26cm
EU 40: 26cm
EU 41: 26cm
EU 42: 26cm
EU 43: 28cm
EU 44: 28cm

EU 37: 72cm
EU 38: 72cm
EU 39: 72cm
EU 40: 74cm
EU 41: 74cm
EU 42: 77cm
EU 43: 77cm
EU 44: 77cm

EU 37: 84cm
EU 38: 84cm
EU 39: 84cm
EU 40: 86cm
EU 41: 86cm
EU 42: 89cm
EU 43: 89cm
EU 44: 89cm

1 review for AROLLO Chap Boots Genuine Leather EU37-EU44

  1. Frank Hippold/doi Sinn

    IT loves these fantastic and special boots very much and they certainly look fabulous on the divine and perfectly beautiful legs of the Divine Matriarch Ezada Sinn

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