Interview with our Russian Brand Ambassador


It´s our honor to present you our latest Interview with Olga Egorova – AROLLO Brand ambassador for Russia.

Hi Olga, how are you doing?
Hi Michael, thank you, I am fine, enjoying autumn!

Does Corona affect your personal and/ or your business life?
Oh yes, it does – Covid-19 has brought lots of changes in my life; mostly connected to travel restrictions and canceled events which I was supposed to attend. I don’t remember a single month
before Corona when I was not traveling and/or attending events (be it fashion weeks or conferences; presentations or parties; concerts or performances) – but now every short travel and every small gathering feels so amazing We are still far from returning to “old normal” – but I am happy that the “new normal” includes my favorite boots which I can wear in any situation.

Let´s go back to the beginning. How did it come that you became the AROLLO Boots Brand Ambassador for Russia?
It all started when I discovered AROLLO Boots and got my first pair – those were Julia style. I love high boots and consider them an extremely important part of a woman’s wardrobe – be it every day casual outfits or high fashion designs for special occasions. I thought then that AROLLO Boots were the best I had ever had – both in terms of quality and the way they fit my legs and my clothes. I remember writing to AROLLO with my impressions and with my ideas on how to wear different boots … about how Russian women love boots and how nice it would be to tell them more about AROLLO … and here I am

What is your job as a brand ambassador?
It is pretty simple actually – to wear and promote the perfect thigh high boots that I love; it is something very natural to me as my vision is that high boots are not for special occasions only – they
are part of my every day life which is quite diverse: today I am wearing my AROLLO boots for a walk around Moscow; last week I was wearing them for a grand opening of a cinema festival; a few days before I was driving my fast car in AROLLO boots; last November I was walking all around Venice in my boots, during the historic flood of the century; and last year I was photographed in AROLLO boots at Milan Fashion Week, Monte-Carlo and Mercedes-Benz Moscow Fashion Weeks…

So being a brand ambassador for AROLLO boots means making these boots part of my life and sharing them this way with my Instagram followers, people in the street, friends, fellow models,
fashion crowd and all the women who do not know about them yet ; using different chances to show how elegant these boots are and how feminine they make a woman look.

What´s so special about AROLLO Boots?
Their most special feature is that they travel so well They have been with me around the world, from Australia to China I am joking, of course – the boots are special because they have class…
That’s what I value about all the items that I choose to wear: they need to look and feel classy, glamorous, special – and make me feel special, that is what AROLLO boots manage to do pretty well.

But the job as AROLLO brand ambassador is not your only one, right? What´s your main Job?
That’s right – I work in fashion and in language industry professionally.

You are also directly involved to the Caspian Fashion Week. Can you tell us more about your job and the Caspian Fashion Week?
Caspian Fashion Week is an amazing fashion event that takes place twice a year in the city of Astrakhan which is located in the south of Russia, near the Caspian Sea. It is the crossroads of the
East and the West and it is where many emerging as well as established designers and fashion brands bring their collections. It is always a fascinating mixture of various cultures, shows and side events and I am happy to contribute to the development of this initiative as an International Projects consultant bringing international brands to the Caspian fashion week and helping develop
internationalization strategies and partnerships.

Our Fans and followers know that AROLLO is part of the CFW for years. Which was the most spectacular show?
Well, it is a very difficult question because we create every AROLLO show as something unique and unforgettable, planning all the details: music, clothes, makeup and hair, the way models walk
(sometimes in a fast and dynamic way, at times even aggressive; next season a more romantic show; then again a riot of energy etc etc… There is always a story behind every show which tells the
audience why these beautiful girls choose to wear AROLLO boots, where they go in boots and how they want to present themselves to the world. But if I had to choose just one show, it would probably be the 2019 spring one – Madonna playing (“Material Girl”), models wearing different bodysuits, some of them also having biker leather jackets on or gloves, dark smoky eyes and wild hair… a bike on the catwalk… and the boots being of course the main character of the whole performance!

You are also running your own Instagram Account – called @styleprofessor. What is your main goal you want to achieve with your activities on Instagram?
The motto of my account is “Sharing fashion, expressing style” – that more or less says what my main goal is. I want to share my vision of fashion, inspire people and show how cool it is to combine diverse fabrics, textures, contours, colors and attitudes. I also want to express my creative approach to the art of dressing and thus to somehow broaden people’s understanding of what fashion is about. Of course, my Instagram is pretty much about me wearing boots too – and no doubt AROLLO boots are my beloved companions there, adding either edge or s special touch to the looks I create.

How do you see wearing Thigh High Boots in everyday life? What is important, customers should take care of?
My attitude is very simple here: thigh high boots are good for every day – you can see it in my Instagram and beyond. Certainly we are talking about AROLLO boots now, because boots that look
good every day should be made of high quality leather, designed to feel comfortable in and look elegant. Of course customers should take good care of their boots – there are universal rules of how
to look after your footwear made of leather, one just needs to love their boots a lot and then they will always look great. Don’t forget to use leather care products, put the boots in boxes after wearing them, see when heels and soles need to be taken care of etc etc. If you feel it is too much… imagine me and my team with all the collection of AROLLO boots before and after fashion shows! That’s quite a hard work but by all means worth the result!

Where would you see AROLLO in 10 years?
On catwalks of the most important world fashion weeks; at most glamorous events; worn by all kinds of customers – because AROLLO boots are certainly not only for tall and long-legged models but they look great on all kinds of bodies. In 10 years AROLLO will continue successfully what the brand started much earlier than many others: massive presence online – online shops, social media presence, reading material and lots of visual stuff. Going digital is not a choice now, but a necessity without any alternative… but you know what is nice? The boots are extremely real – nothing like touching smooth leather of AROLLO boots and anticipating how they will look on you with that dress or this jacket…So no matter what new virtual technologies we will need to master and apply in 10 years’ time, AROLLO boots will be as real as they are now

What are your wishes for the future?
Those who communicate with me in Whatsapp or Telegram know that my status there says: “Value today”. It means that my attitude to life is about enjoying today; living right here and right now. But certainly we all have dreams and goals for the future and mine are very simple – to keep my life balance and achieve the goals I set in my professional and private lives, to have my loved ones
around, safe and healthy; to be able to create and inspire; to work hard and to play hard – both in my favorite AROLLO boots.

Dear Olga, thank you so much for this interview and your time talking to us. Thank you for being the brand ambassador who couldn’t be better. AROLLO wishes you and your family all the best and may all your wishes come true. We look forward to many more successful years together.

Olga Egorova – AROLLO Brand Ambassador for Russia:




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